Business Challenge

Customer requested a scalable, agile and flexible automation solution for generating network wide configurations as well as deployment of these configuration for more than 1500 juniper devices (MX/SRX routers and firewalls) in a green field network environment.

Technology Solution

Cypress Consulting helped the customer create modular device configuration templates based on device functionality using the modern and designer-friendly templating language Jinja2 and used Python scripts to automate the generation of these configuration. In addition, Cypress Consulting provided an automation solution for the rollout of these configurations, performing health and compliance checks using Ansible and Jsnapy tools once the provided configurations were deployed.

Business Results

The following goals were achieved by customer as the result of using the automation solution provided by Cypress:

  • Agility and flexibility: By using configuration automation tools provided by Cypress, any changes to network topology or design were applied to all affected devices in an automated way which decreased network downtime usually caused by operator errors. Configuration changes could be applied in a control manner using Ansible playbooks automating repetitive tasks that generally were very labor intensive.
  • Cost savings: Using automation helped customer achieve their deployment timelines as well as save on operational expenses by 50% due to less amount of manual labor required to perform the configuration and roll-out tasks.