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Cypress Consulting is dedicated to being your source for all networking and security needs in the private, public or hybrid cloud. Corporations can only reap the full benefit of their IT investments when the underlying cloud- and datacenter infrastructure is designed and configured properly and is secured from potential threats. The well designed infrastructure provides a scalable basis to embrace future business demands such as the adoption of SASE. Cypress’ extensive industry experience and expertise will help you with the design, configuration and security of  these infrastructures. In addition, Cypress Consulting is an industry leader in design, implementation and automation of large scale Hybrid Cloud solutions for Tier-1 Service Providers and medium to large Enterprises globally.

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CASE | IP Network Security

Overview For our customer, which specializes in advanced network and cybersecurity solutions, helpin …

Network Security
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CASE | Network Automation

Business Challenge Customer requested a scalable, agile and flexible automation solution for generat …

Network Automation
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CASE | Low Latency Financial Services Datacenter

A large, low-latency connectivity provider that also provides IP address and routing management serv …

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CASE | Cloud Solution

Our customer set out to build a scalable, agile cloud data center solution to help clients move quic …

Cloud, Datacenter
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BLOG | Trend: A Serverless Society

In the world of cloud, open source and IT infrastructure, change is a constant fact of life. Attitudes, product trends and the industry’s role within society change so quickly, that predicting the main trends of 2018 is a little like finding a needle i …

09 / 12 / 17 Cloud, Datacenter
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BLOG | The Rising Impact of Security Issues

One big reason for the meteoric rise of security as a design criteria is certainly the accelerating pace and impact of security incidents across the globe. Where we used to see a major breach or new threat only a few times a year, these days it seems l …

28 / 11 / 17 Cloud, Datacenter, Network Security
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