About us

The mission of Cypress Consulting is to offer high quality Professional Services in the domain of Hybrid Cloud Networking, SD-WAN, Perimeter Security and SASE.

Founded in 2006, Cypress Consulting is a leading technology company dedicated to offer Consulting Services, Managed Services and Engineering Expertise in the domain of Hybrid Cloud and SASE.

We offer our services to Service Providers and large to medium sized enterprises across the globe. Whilst the specific requirements in these sectors are diverse, the common factor is the fundamental need for a robust, scalable and secure Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure. Our expertise in Hybrid Cloud Technology puts us in a unique position to help our customers succeed.

Our vision

Our goal is to bring our customers operational efficiencies in the new era of Networking and Security through our knowhow about how to design, build and secure Hybrid Cloud Infrastructures. With the current omnipresence of Networking and Security complexity and the critical nature of Hybrid Cloud technology as a common platform for all services, reliability and availability of this platform is of grave importance. Besides, the need for skilled engineers who build and manage them is ever increasing. Service Providers and Enterprise Customers struggle to find the right skilled people to execute mission critical projects within their expected time constraints and budget. Cypress Consulting aims to remove these challenges by providing experienced and skilled consultants and engineers. We tap into an extensive network of international consultants, engineers and developers that can fill the gaps you may have in your current teams.


Cypress attracts and retains some of the brightest, most experienced and most highly regarded professionals working in the networking, security and automation fields today. Cypress Consulting team members are experienced, skilled and committed to your success. We help clients plan, build and run successful networks that achieve business objectives through our in depth knowledge of various technology areas required to achieve these objectives. We speak the language of technology,  but understand the world of business. Cypress’ engineering team counts over 25 people spread in over 10 countries world wide. Current Headquarter is in the United States. 

Our Co-founders Amir Tabdili (CEO) and Eduard Stumpel (CFO) bring the company mission to life: to provide the software, services and support to help your Company thrive: 

Amir began his networking career in 1996 at Sprint Corporation where he worked on the Sprintlink backbone as an Operations Engineer. At Sprint, Amir acted as the last level of support for the operations staff, and also implemented the first Interprovider multicast network. Amir joined Juniper Networks in 1999, and for 10 years he embarked on various leadership technical roles. At Juniper, he was instrumental in the deployment of Juniper products into numerous large service provider networks, as well as their early success in these networks. Eduard founded Cypress Consulting end of 2006 in Europe and then in 2011 Eduard and Amir founded Cypress Consulting in the US. Cypress provides consulting services to various large service providers and enterprises. Amir has dual bachelor degrees in Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering from Vanderbilt University, and an MBA with focus in finance from the University of Maryland. Amir holds Juniper Networks' JNCIE, Palo Alto Networks' PCNSE and AWS Certified Solutions Architect certifications.

Amir Tabdili

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Eduard Stumpel

Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer (CFO)