Cloud Migration and Hybrid Clouds


IT organizations are moving to the public cloud in droves to take advantage of cost savings and efficiency improvements over traditional on premise datacenters. The public cloud offers the promise of on-demand self-service for developers and business owners, pooling of resources to improve utilization and the ability to scale applications very quickly. Cloud offerings such as Amazon’s AWS  Microsoft’s Azure have relied on robust public cloud solutions, strong developer communities and broad vendor ecosystem support for their services. These companies and other public cloud vendors are reaping the rewards of the mass exodus out of the datacenter and into the cloud. The public cloud got a head start on the private cloud, but adoption of private cloud is also on the rise. Some companies are finding that a private cloud solution may make more sense for their workloads than public cloud.

At Cypress we believe that while the benefits of private clouds can be compelling for certain use cases, many organizations require a combination of these benefits along with the advantages of public cloud. In such circumstances, a hybrid cloud may prove to be the better choice. For companies looking to take their first plunge into the world of the cloud, a hybrid approach is often the best way to test the waters. By keeping a hand in both its traditional, on-premise infrastructure as well as the many offerings of software-as-a-service solutions, a business can migrate gradually and find the best balance of the two. This is especially beneficial for larger, more established organizations that have already spent years building up their internal IT assets but seek the benefits of agile SaaS services. Decision-makers in this position are better equipped to experiment with a range of different solutions without worrying about the foundations of their infrastructure because physical assets have long been in place.

Cypress Expertise

At Cypress we understand that the journey to a hybrid cloud is complex. And making every moving part work together, without sacrificing the end-user experience requires unique skill sets. In order to achieve these goals we’ll strive to build a foolproof road map for hybrid cloud success. With more than a decade of cloud consulting experience, we’ve mastered a reference cloud architecture that combines vendor neutrality with an application-centric approach to help you realize the potential of a hybrid cloud world.

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