Low Latency Financial Services Datacenter

“We were familiar with the capabilities of the MX Series routers, and once we’d seen the virtual MX in the lab, we decided to move it right into the production network. Cypress Consulting helped us with the design and implementation. It brought us all the features and the stability of the MX Series and Junos operating system in a state-of-the-art virtual package.”

A large, low-latency connectivity provider that also provides IP address and routing management services. As customer’s traffic increased, the company sought a way to improve rerouting performance if a link were to fail.

Business Challenge

Customers demand high levels of stability and rapid convergence at an affordable price. Under the weight of business growth, network performance was straining to keep pace. To maintain its low-latency performance, our customer needed quicker routing table convergence, network automation, and a simpler way to implement IPv6 solutions.

Technology Solution

The customer installed vMX virtual routing from Juniper Networks. Cypress Consulting did the design and implementation. The carrier-grade vMX router has separate control, forwarding, and management planes and runs the Juniper Networks Junos® operating system on standard servers using x86 chipsets. The customer runs the vMX on an open-source hypervisor supported on a dedicated bare-metal server running the Linux Ubuntu operating system.

Business Results

Now the customer can converge a full routing table in 3 to 4 seconds, improving performance such that it is noticeable by customers. The customer reports even faster convergence than with a dedicated hardware system, because it can scale routing table convergence independently from the underlying hardware platform.


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