Trend: A Serverless Society

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BLOG | Trend: A Serverless Society

In the world of cloud, open source and IT infrastructure, change is a constant fact of life. Attitudes, product trends and the industry’s ro …

09 / 12 / 17 Cloud, Datacenter Eduard Stumpel
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BLOG | The Rising Impact of Security Issues

One big reason for the meteoric rise of security as a design criteria is certainly the accelerating pace and impact of security incidents ac …

28 / 11 / 17 Cloud, Datacenter, Network Security Amir Tabdili
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BLOG | All-IP for Cable Networks

The connected world is moving to an all-IP model, and cable networks are in line to follow this evolution. At Cypress Consulting, we believe …

26 / 06 / 17 Multiservice core Eduard Stumpel
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BLOG | Managing Security in Distributed Networks

Security management in today’s enterprise is like navigating the open ocean. You’re on an extended journey and any given day can bring smoot …

28 / 11 / 17 Network Security Amir Tabdili
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